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CompositionBased on isopropyl nitrite - CAS 541-42-4
DescriptionOriginal and Strong

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Bottled Original Rush erotic poppers room aroma also known as poppers increases the power of orgasm and the pleasure in sexual intercourse is much more intense. In use this aroma we fell intense sexual passion and also the muscles relaxation of anus and vagina, which also makes easier penetration. The result is, that the veins become larger ( a sudden drop in blood pressure ), the heart rate increased and we fell warmth and stimulation. Users assure us that the orgasm is longer and stronger. Instructions of use: for room aroma poppers. You have to unscrew the cap of the bottle of erotic room aroma and put the bottle in the proper place to fill your room or place with your chosen fragrance. Close the bottle tightly, when you finishing to use it. Poppers aroma Rush poppers aroma for strong explosion of passion.