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Stainless Steel Poppers Inhaler with String


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This poppers inhaler is the most reserved and discreet way to transport poppers anywhere. To do this, put the amulet with your favourite popper around your neck. It will always be available for you, wherever and whenever you want !!

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The popper inhaler is the ideal accessory for everyone who likes to have their popper always available. This accessory comes with a 100 cm string that can be attached to the inhaler, thus serving as an accessory to compose the look.

This poppers inhaler is also very discreet in size. Ideal for keeping in a pocket, be it pants or a jacket. This way, your poppers will always be available to you... ready to be inhaled. Always close for intense emotions.

It is important to note that this popper inhaler is made of stainless steel that is very resistant to falls. It has three parts. The outer cover, a part where you can place the string that comes with this inhaler and another part, the reservoir to place the popper.

To use this popper inhaler correctly, you should moisten a little bit of cotton, or any absorbent product with this magic liquid, and place it inside the inhaler. Then close tightly and attach the outer cover.

When inhaling the popper, just open the outer cover and carefully approach your nose and inhale deeply. Its effects will appear immediately and you will be ready to live unique experiences.

If you want to reinforce your inhaler, or simply change the aroma of the popper, it is also very simple. Just remove the cotton or any other absorbent fabric and put on a new one.

A very important piece of advice for the correct and safe use of this inhaler: never pour the liquid popper directly into the inhaler. It is necessary to put some cotton or other absorbent product inside the inhaler.

Details of this poppers inhaler:
- Poppers inhaler made of strong and resistant material
- The product is accompanied by a string of approximately 100cm, ideal for hanging around the neck
- Reusable and easy to use product

This product has:
- Stainless steel inhaler
- Black coloured string about 100 cm

Popper inhaler material: Stainless steel

Colour: Gray

Length: approximately 5 cm
Diameter: approximately 1.5 cm