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Anal Lubricants

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COR rige Crema


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Each gram contains 0.08g of benzocaine.

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- Probably the best delay cream on the market.

- Corrige cream may be used both to help delay ejaculation on premature men, as to lightly anesthetize the anus eliminating any pain or discomfort that might be felt due to anal intercourse.

- Its special properties relive excess sensibility on the penis, allowing you to control ejaculation and prolong your sexual relations.

- Having a light anesthetic effect, it’s also great for anal intercourse. Other than desensitizing the penis, this cream maybe placed on the anus allowing both partners to fully enjoy anal sex.

OBS: Always massage the cream, on treating area, until fully absorbed as not to influence other body parts that may come in contact with the treated areas.
I.E. Mouth, Vagina.

How to use:
- To use, simply apply a bean sized quantity to the penis with special attention to the glans, massaging until fully absorbed, roughly 5 to 10 minutes before sexual intercourse.
- If used as an efficient anal desensitizer, apply the same quantity to the anus 5 minutes prior to intercourse. The creams effect may be felt for over 30 minutes, so if needed, you may apply for results on this time line.

- This cream may be simultaneously used with condoms, but ensure the cream has been well absorbed before use.
- This product has no contraindications
- Maybe applied as needed.
- If sensibility returns after application, you may use more cream.

Who should use Corrige?
Corrige cream is not exclusive for people suffering from premature ejaculation. All men that would like to prolong their sexual relation, thus enhancing both partners pleasure, may and should use corrige cream.
Its use during anal intercourse has been proven very efficient as both partners will enjoy its desensitizing benefits, easing men to control ejaculation whilst relaxing anal muscles, easing penetration and eliminating any discomfort that may be felt.

- Sold in 28ml tubes.

- OBS: In the Men´s Masturbators category, clique on an item to find out how to master ejaculation control.